Keystone Series Race

May 20th & 21st, 2023

Registration Closes Tuesday, May 16th 


Keystone Registration

Northeast Dirt Series Race Information

2023 Points and Rules

  • Pre-Registration will open up about 4 weeks prior to event
  • Pre-Registrations $50.00 a car

                    (Keystone will be adding a $10.00 per family Grounds fee)

  • Race day registration will be $65.00 per car. NO penalty for race day registrations
  • Results and Points will be posted on FB and Web Site 

                   (as soon as available)

  • Hondas & Rookies Saturday

                   (Rookies: race that counts towards awards/gifts)

  • Briggs & Rookies Sunday

                  (Rookies: fun day)

  • ​​​USAC Rules Apply
  • USAC Point Structure
  • Rain Out points as follows:

                 *BEFORE registrations/check in takes place than everyone PRE-REGISTERED will receive 30 rainout points

                 *Once registrations/check in start than you must be checked in to receive 30 rainout points

  • Registration day of event cost is $65.00 per car. NO penalty for race day registrations
  • There will be NO drops you must run all 3 Series Races for points and awards/gifts

                  Keystone May 20th & 21st

                  Blackbird June 16th - 18th (National & Series Race)

                  West End August 12th &13th

  • Drivermust run the same class for all 3 Series Races UNLESS driver moves up due to age and if that is case driver will not be eligible for points but awards/gifts ONLY

                (Ex: Driver 8 and runs Jr Honda 1 or 2 time and the 2nd or 3rd time changes to Sr Honda                              due to age ONLY). ​

  • A driver cannot move from class to class to receive awards/gifts this is ONLY for a driver that moves to another class due to age.
  • ​Rookies who run all 3 Series Races will be awarded awards/gifts.