All Regional Events will be run by the local club and will follow USAC National Rules

Please Note:

Track will be closed Friday before the event.

Ample free parking is available.  Parking will be available Friday after 4.
               Small trailers (Less than 20’) must park along outside fence.
               Larger trailers will park in central row.
               Please park trailers close together.
               RV’s must park past the track trailer off turn 3, not with the race trailers.

Honda and rookie classes will run on Saturday. Briggs classes will run on Sunday.

Registration at the track will be held from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM each event day, Pre-Registered drivers must check in during this time. 

Handler/Driver meeting at 9:00.  Heats to start at 9:30.


All engines will be sealed before 9:00 AM each day.
Cars must be brought to tech area where engines will be sealed, gas will be tested and restrictor plates (if applicable) verified.
No engines will be sealed after 9:00.

Spec fuel will be 89 octane and can be purchased from any Wawa or Valero located on Route 206.

1/4 turn gas caps will not be permitted, all gas caps must be full thread.
We are subject to New Jersey Racing Rules - all cars must have USAC inspection sticker. The  seat belt rule is now 4 years old or newer!
Registration fee for South Jersey will be $45 per car. $5 increase will go toward paying the ambulance fee.  South Jersey is required to have an ambulance with EMT’s onsite for the entire day per NJ Racing Rules.

August 12th and 13th 2017

South Jersey Quarter Midget Association

All Regional Events will be run by the local club and will follow USAC National Rules

USAC Dirt Regional Event at

May 21st and 22nd 2016

USAC Dirt Regional Event at

West End Quarter Midget Racing Association